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Equinox: An Autumnal Journey in Haida Gwaii

There’s a place off the coast of B.C. enveloped by a mist of legend and tradition. Isolated from the mainland and swamped with nature’s bounty, it’s a place where the weather changes by the minute, yet the land stands still for centuries.
— Arran Jackson

Sk’wa Kansgad Naay is the ultimate nature lovers sojourn. Offering seclusion, tranquility and breathtaking vistas of Haida Gwaii, this elemental shelter embraces the sublime natural beauty of beautiful British Columbia with warmth, repose and charm.
— houseporn.ca

During the off-season in the northern British Columbia islands of Haida Gwaii, you’ll find the fairy highways, totem poles and killer whales are even wilder.
— Sarah Musgrave

It started as a basic plan - a building in the trees big enough to hold our family comfortably and with simple “off-grid” amenities.
— Danny Robertson